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Financial Information

Bankruptcy Library
This site contains information on corporate bankruptcies as well as corporate financial distress.
Center for Corporate Law
Information on SEC acts, rules, and regulations from The Center for Corporate Law at the University of Cincinnati College of Law.
Dun & Bradstreet
Dun & Bradstreet provides business and industry information on privately held as well as publicly held companies.
Diawa Research Institute Ltd.
This Japanese institute provides bond and warrant indices.
EDGAR (via SEC home page)
Securities and Exchange Commission home page; access to EDGAR (searchable database that contains 10-Q's, 10-K's, and much more from 1994 forward). The electronic forms include Proxy Statements (DEF 14A), Annual Reports (10-K), Current Events (8-K), Acquisition Events (SC 13D).
Edward Lowe Digital Library
Documents and books intended to assist in startup and ongoing management of businesses.
This is a commercial service focusing on personal finance. There is an online calculator whose accuracy has not been examined.
Financial Information Link Library
This is a listing by country of links to international financial service providers.
This European based service provides a futures and options contracts database, a world indices specs database, etc.
Hoover's Online
This is a useful source for company profiles and information. It also provides links to EDGAR and Security APL as well as the company for more information.
Holt's Stock Market Reports
These reports include summary statistics for indices including major international financial markets. (Updated daily).
Information Innovation
An "under construction site" with links to a number of financial resources (European).
M&A Marketplace
This is a subscription (fee) site for buyers and sellers of companies and the intermediaries that represent them.
Free Stock Market Data provides stock and mutual fund charts,historical data, stock quotes, other financial information sources, and more. A good source for recent market price info on individual stocks.
MoneyLine Corporation
Subscription based (fee) service focusing on bonds and other annuities. MoneyLine offers live, dynamically updated broker prices and dealer offers on U.S. Treasury notes & bonds, money markets, agencies, municipals and other capital markets securities. Plus it provides security-specific fixed income analytics and 24-hour business and finance news.
Nest Egg
Interactive Nest Egg provides articles from the print version of Nest Egg and total return information on the top performing mutual funds.
NETworth provides no-load mutual fund information, prospectuses and financial newsletters.
Nomura Research Institute
This Japanese institute provides information on security market indices.
Prophet Information Services
Prophet provides up-to-date futures charts with data back to 1959. This site features over 200 worldwide markets with daily open, high, low, close, and volume data on markets, including meats, metals, currencies, grains, and others. It also has information on Prophet's historical data products and services.
QuoteCom is subscribed based but offers a 30 day free trial. It offers "quotes, portfolios, news, and research".
This California based subscription service provides a selection of comprehensive S&P Research Reports, S&P MutualFund Reports, Company Profiles, Company Fact Sheets, and Wall Street Analysis.
Security APL
CheckFree's investment service.
Silicon Investor
Subscription based service offering investment information and message boards (use caution... consider the source of messages).
World M&A Network
World M&A Network provides information on buyers and sellers in the international market..


Dow Jones
home page for the parent company of the Wall Street Journal. Links to the Dow Jones News Retrieval service, the seminal research information service, as well as the Wall Street Journal Interactive edition are included here.
Globe online (Associated Press wires)
This Boston paper site is a good source for breaking global news as released by API.
New York Times
This is the WEB edition of the NYTimes. This is an excellent newspaper and a very good source for international financial news.
The Daily News - Free InternetSources.
Finnish Sam Sternberg's catalog lists sites that provide news on a daily basis.

Archives and lists

CNN Financial Network
News archive with search function, including CNN interactive business area.
Netherlands Business School listings
This gopher site provides listings to various journals, summary statistics, finance, and economic pages.

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