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Although the Internet is widely viewed as the next great international commerce arena, it is not a friendly place for "web naive" entrepreneurs.   The price of admission for a start up can vary enormously and there are no assurances that the result will be as expected.  Identifying reliable ISP's, Web hosts, programmers, designers, and then establishing secure financial transaction links is a daunting task.  We use full time researchers to keep us current with information, tools, links, and news that will help us recommend the best "cost/benefit" value on the WEB for your company and/or project.

This interactive Web based photo album system was designed and is maintained by our technical staff.   It is one example of our creative efforts that produce viable products for the internet.

SITE DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION (click for details)
As with any business, financial decision making techniques are necessary on the WEB.    The author of a widely used computer language (Larry Wall, author of Perl) says that his program was designed with the motto "There's more than one way to do it"... TMTOWDI, (pronounced "tim- toady").   On the Internet, that is a valuable thought to keep in mind.  Once the decision to "go" has been made, you need reliable information and techniques to select from the best available alternatives.  We can help with those decisions.
JAVA, PERL, UNIX, Windows?
How much do you need to know?  Much can be accomplished by an entrepreneur with time and a little direction toward creating his or her own site.  Access to reasonably priced "standard" server packages along with other credible recommendations and referrals is our product for the dedicated "do it yourself" entrepreneur.
We do have consultants available at competitive rates to produce custom "turn key" sites, if that is your need.  Some are also available by the hour for specific tasks like cgi scripting, page design, database construction, financial transactions linkage, etc.   Email us with your firm's needs for information.
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