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Web design basics

The three top rules in E-commerce site design are:

Focus on what your business does well

learn from your competition

keep it simple

The most often violated rule is number three.   In addition to the spectrum of platforms and browsers in the hands of your potential customers there are a lot of emerging "low tech" access devices coming into the market.   Maximum effect requires that your site should be accessible to as many users as possible.

We have found the following sequence of events is helpful to those who might like to design their own E-commerce website.  Of course, we are available to take care of the details on your behalf !

The first step is careful evaluation of your business to identify your internet target market, your products and services that are appropriate for the Web, and objectives (e.g. information, redirection, product sale, etc).   Competitors Web projects should be studied as well.   A carefully crafted web marketing plan at this point will ensure that a logical and consistent site will result.
What human and capital resources do you either have available or wish to make available for your E-commerce venture?   It is certainly feasible to operate an effective "one person, one PC" web site for a number of constrained tasks but the characteristics of your industry may suggest something else.
Specific and technically feasible web objectives should be constructed that will meet the marketing objectives already defined.   Any necessary limitations (budget, infrastructure, timing, etc) should be included.   The output at this stage will be used to partition the project into task areas and will define the resources necessary to prepare the actual design plan.
The skeletal structure of the site can now be formed.   Details like server specifications, bandwidth requirements, and administrative interface can be defined.   Artistic and graphic elements are produced.   Once the server is identified, the actual site programming is done and a functionally operative site is constructed.
Refinement of site operation is accomplished through a series of tests involving increasingly broader test access.   Later stages will involve actual customer use for a predetermined period of time.   The final product is the fully operational site.
"If you build it, they will come.." goes the movie line.   Unfortunately, that is not the case in cyberspace.   As in any other business enterprise, it is necessary to advertise.   On the internet, that is relatively inexpensive but just the sheer volume of individuals competing for search engine linkage makes clear the need for expert help.
Just in case it was not clear, our association of professionals is available for quality E-commerce website design and implementation.   Email or fax (770 924-3481) your firm's web objectives for our quick response.
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