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University of the Mind

Vniversitas Mentalis® is the Web's original "virtual university campus".   The demonstration area is interactively functional and shows our distance learning environment in it's operational form.   This entire technology was designed by Business School Professors so that well established teaching methods, materials, and ideas remain as the nucleus of the educational process.   Even "case method" courses have been successfully used here.   There is no "proprietary" software to master and no "special training curve" to impede the interaction of student and teacher.   All that has been removed is the unnecessary need for a "dual coincidence of time and space" in this campus !

Corporate Campuses

Our online resources can be considered analogous to any full support training facilities that you may have used or visited except that the classes are conducted without the need to schedule time off, travel, and hotels as required by traditional facilities.   Unlike technologies that have been "adapted" to provide support for educational tasks, our system was designed from the start by University Business School Professors exclusively in order to produce a system that simply takes advantage of the "pros" of computers without constraining the educational product.   The result is an online "virtual facility" technology that is available to corporate training departments as well as academic institutions where faculty can feel confident that they retain full control of their classrooms while having much of the recordkeeping and reporting tedium automatically performed.


If you are interested in using our technology for your educational institution or business, email us or fax us (Atlanta, Ga: 770 924-3481) on your organization letterhead with a brief description of your requirements or questions.
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