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This company was founded in 1994 to provide small businesses with greater access to top level business school expertise.   Traditional academic institutions provide great resources to their student bodies but they also are burdened with the constraints of any large bureaucracy.   Among those is a "by committee and pass it along but don't act" inefficiency in adopting new technologies to the basic paradigms.   Another is the necessary "de-prioritization" of teaching in order to force "publications" at middle and lower level schools.   Finally there is the separation of the academicians from the potential students (decisions about the "acceptability" of students are often made by administrators far removed from the actual disciplines).   As one example of the latter, a state business school was denied the right to admit a CEO of a Fortune 500 company to it's "Executive MBA" program because the individual did not have an undergraduate degree from an "accredited" institution.

This, coupled with years of experience as an entrepreneur, led the founder to seek more efficient means of designing and teaching the most current courses by combining the objective standards of academia with the ever changing innovations of technology.

A growing set of philosophical points now defines our objectives and our work:
- the student is the top priority
- useful technologies should be adopted ASAP
- prerequisites should be only those needed for the course
- courses are dynamic (continuously updated)
- businesses are the best source for determining needs
- managers have specific needs and limited time
- entrepreneurs have even less time
- business teachers should be experienced in industry and
             have earned both academic & professional credentials
- "being current" in a discipline includes "real world" contact

contact info
Although our headquarters is near Atlanta, GA, we have business ventures from Massachusettes to Texas.   The proliferation of access via the internet makes us truly international (in fact, some of our clients have used our services to expand internationally).   The best way to contact us is via email since everyone here can usually be contacted within 24 hours even while "on the road" (we all carry laptop computers).   Mail and phone info is provided for those who prefer having us contact them.

4290 Bells Ferry Rd #106-638
Kennesaw, GA 30144
phone/fax 770 924-3481

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