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We can provide established courses at your location for a variety of disciplines.   We have found that true "case method" classes are most effective for managers since they must deal with the ambiguities of the "real world" on a daily basis.   This technique closely simulates "experience" by requiring the students to generate the solutions among themselves with the subtle guidance of an experienced case method instructor.

Because of economies of scale in the preparation of material and the experience of our associated faculty, we can often provide this type of service for less than it costs to create a new course locally.   (Travel expenses are from Atlanta, GA.)   A sample of some of our course offering titles follows:

Capital Budgeting Methods for Managers

Capital Budgeting Under Uncertainty

Value Added Decision Making for Managers

Identifying Incremental Cash Flows

Understanding CAPM (the Lemonade Stand)

Locating Capital for Small Businesses

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