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Professor Pennington
The creator of this aggregation of University Professors/CPAs/appraisers/etc is J W (Jim) Pennington, an entrepreneur, active CPA (Tn & Ga), University Professor, commercial pilot, and computer "technoid".   A brief synopsis of his credentials and accomplishments is provided here.   'Every consultant, course designer, or analyst that you have access to through the FINANCE GROUP is similarly qualified to provide the highest quality professional service.

academic credentials:
Harvard University & Harvard Business School
1985-1991   PhD/MA in Business Economics

academic positions:
1991-1997  Kennesaw State University, Marietta, GA - originated Finance courses for all Entrepreneurial MBA students, originated first full "case method" courses and taught all required MBA Finance courses, designed and taught Physicians EMBA.
1990-1991  Babson College, Wellesley, MA - initiated "case method" cash management courses and taught solely at MBA level.

professional credentials:
CPA, multiple FAA licenses (ASMEL, commercial, instrument... A&P)

business experience:
1978-1983 : Founder, COO, Chief Pilot, FAA Repair Station manager, and Salesman of one of two continuing operation Cessna Aircraft dealers and FBO's for Atlanta, GA.  

retired Captain, Naval Aviator

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